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At the age of 10, my sister started playing piano. I was 6.
According to my parents, one day they heard her practicing and thought that, though it sounded ok, it wasn’t quite right. When they came to check on her they found me playing exactly what I heard my sister playing.

Voila, I have perfect pitch.

From that moment on I became my parents’ parlor trick. When company would come over I would hide under my bed till my parents called me, and I would then go out and stand about 20 ft with my back to the piano as my parents would hit various notes and I had to shout them out. Always dead on!

Okay, so I have perfect pitch.

I get chills when something is out of tune.
I can tell what key any song is in when I hear it on the radio.
A beautiful melody can bring me to my knees.
A high school string section can send me running for cover.

I have a gift… Now what do I do with it.
I feel music – I know when it’s right.
I know when it’s not quite right, and I know when it’s wrong.
How do I know? Because I have been living music for 50 some years, and if I can’t get it to sound right then I need a new profession.

I am an experienced producer, engineer, mixer, composer, sound designer and Video Editor. I know how to record instruments and vocals to sound natural and organic. Not processed. I know how to tell a story with visuals. Recorded music should sound like you are in the same room with the instrument or vocal.

I have been lucky enough to have worked in some amazing studios with some amazing people and have learned the old fashioned way. I just listened and asked questions. I don’t need flashy pics of myself or flashy pics of my gear. My gear is my ears and my brain. I hear music as colors, that might sound crazy but it’s true. I can make something sound good on a 4 track cassette, and did for many years.

I have high quality mic pre-amplifiers and microphone collection, and my recordings, mixes and mastering stand on their own. Just listen to the samples of music on the site.

I have 20 years of Ad Agency Experience so I know what a “Quick Turn Around” is and what a “Hard Deadline” is.

That’s me, you can call me: Chris Z or just Z.
My all time favorite name is Daddy. That’s what I’m most proud of. So check out my work and I look forward to working with you on your next project.

Chris Z